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If you would like to send me your child's story, ask any questions, or make some suggestions as to things you would like to see on this site, please contact me here:


Confidentiality Policy

All emails sent to me will be viewed only by me unless there is content within which you wish to have put on the website, in which case it will be viewable by anyone who accesses the website. Emails and addresses will be stored in a database used only by me, unless you instruct me to delete this information within the email you send me. I cannot delete emails granting me permission to publish information to the website, however as they are proof of consent.

If you wish to have copyright on any story or experience you send me, then you will need to provide your full name which will be written at the bottom of your contribution, and therefore viewable by anyone who accesses the website. Information you send me personally will not be shared with any other party (parents or medical professionals) without your permission, which I will request via email. If at any point, and for any reason, you ask me to remove information you gave me for the website I shall do so without question.

Please do not submit anything to me unless you have read and accept the terms of the policy above.

The above policy applies only to this website and not to the online support group which is covered by Yahoo Groups policy.

If you want to learn more about data protection then see this link:

Confidentiality in the NHS


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